Lubes’n’Greases March Issue Available


Lubes’n’Greases March Issue Available

The March issue delves into the buzz-worthy introduction of ILSAC GF-7. Find out when it will make its debut and how it will differ from GF-6. Plus, discover how the war in Ukraine has affected the Russian lubricants market, and learn about the most important attributes that a fluid testing lab should possess.

Also in this issue:

Base Oil Report: Pricing
Are falling base oil prices and the beginning of the spring season ushering in an uptick of activity in the base oil market?

Sustainability: Turning Points
Germany’s words of the year have indicated that sustainability is at the forefront of the country’s consciousness. Apu Gosalia explains how.

Need to Know: A Muddled Market
The lubricants market has weathered many a storm during the past three years, but the numerous unprecedented changes have left lubricant marketers unsure how to plan for the future.

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March 2023

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