German Lube Demand Dropped in 2022


German Lube Demand Dropped in 2022

Domestic lubricant demand in Germany decreased 5% in 2022 and was down 17% for December, compared to the same periods in 2021, according to data released last week by a German government agency.

For the full year, lubricant demand in Germany totaled 673,210 metric tons, declining from 708,896 tons the previous year, reported the Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control.

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Motor oil sales for the year edged up 1% to 221,912 tons. Automatic transmission fluid demand was flat at 50,318 tons, gear oils for cars declined 8% to 38,501 tons and industrial gear oils demand rose 10% to 27,922 tons.

Demand for metalworking fluids in all categories fell for the full year. Non-water miscible oils demand declined 30% to 21,642 tons, water miscible oils fell 25% to 20,521 tons, hardening oils dropped 39% to 1,525 tons and corrosion inhibitors demand slipped 34% to 3,608 tons.

Grease demand for the year declined 6% to 26,630 tons, while consumption of greases for automotive applications decreased 1% to 6,371 tons.

The full-year data included process oils, which experienced a 12% decline to 114,900 tons.

In December, motor oil sales declined 12% to 11,569 tons. Demand for automatic transmission fluid were flat at 3,338 tons, while gear oils for cars increased 1% to 2,710 tons, and industrial gear oils demand declined 7% to  1,482 tons.

Hydraulic oils demand fell 24% to 3,981 tons. Transformer oil sales dropped 31% to 746 tons, while sales of machine oils jumped 60% to 718 tons.

All metalworking oil segment categories experienced sharp drops in demand in December. Water miscible oils demand declined 29% to 697 tons, non-water miscible oils demand slipped 36% to 570 tons and corrosion inhibitors dropped 41% to 101 tons. The smallest volume category, hardening oils, experienced the steepest year-over-year drop, plunging 80% to 12 tons.

Overall grease demand decreased 1% to 1,831 tons, automotive grease demand rose 5% to 452 tons.

The monthly data also included process oils, which fell 33% to 5,472 tons.