Gazpromneft Increases Overseas Sales


Gazpromneft Increases Overseas Sales
A Gazpromneft-Lubricants employee prepares barrels for shipment to export destinations. © Photo courtesy of Gazprom Neft

Gazpromneft-Lubricants added more foreign destinations and established several partnerships with foreign manufacturers who blend its oils abroad, steps that increased its overseas finished lubricant sales last year to 200,000 tons, or almost two-thirds of its total volume.

The company reported selling 330,000 metric tons of finished lubes in 2021, 8% more than in 2020.

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Gazpromneft-Lubricants is the lube arm of Russian oil major Gazprom Neft.

It sold 200,000 tons of finished lubricants outside Russia in 2021, up 11% compared to the year before. The company credited strengthened cooperation with large- and medium-size businesses abroad.

Its 2021 efforts were focused on digital technologies and improved logistics. To add more export destinations in the regions of Europe, Asia-Pacific, North Africa and the Middle East, the company established partnerships with local blenders in Greece Singapore, Turkey, the Netherlands and South Africa.

“Our oils are produced at these sites under Gazprom Neft’s original formulations and with technological processes and the quality of the products overseen by our specialists,” the company said. The company also operates its own blending plants in Italy and Serbia.

Last year, Gazpromneft reported increased demand for its products in the Middle East, in such countries as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait. Other new export destinations are Austria and Myanmar. Its geography of sales now includes 107 countries and 410 ports around the world.

The company’s strategic goal is to stand side by side with the top 10 lubricant marketers in the world and to capture 25% of the Russian lubricant market by 2030, Skoromets said. After LLK International and Rosneft Lubricants, Gazpromneft is the third-largest lubricant marketer in the country.

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