Panolin Changes Name to Laemmle Chemicals


Panolin Changes Name to Laemmle Chemicals
© Photo courtesy of Panolin

Swiss lubricants company Panolin announced last week a name change to Laemmle Chemicals AG and that it will change its oil brand name early next year. These changes follow the transfer of its bio-lubricants division with the trademark rights to Shell in November.

Shell agreed to acquire the environmentally considerate lubricants business of Panolin Group in early November, a transaction that will allow it to supply more products globally with potential exposure to sensitive ecosystems. Shell also takes over the international sales structure for those products, including several types of oils – hydraulic, gear, engine, and turbine – and stern tube lubricants. Panolin, under a new name, will continue supplying conventional and food-grade lubricants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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Located in Madetswil, Switzerland, Panolin – including its factory in that village outside Zurich and laboratories – remains with the Lämmle family, which has run the company for more than 70 years. Sarah Mohr-Lämmle and Silvan Lämmle continue to run the business as owners, and Christian Lämmle continues to serve as chairman.

“Since we want to clearly separate the business areas in the future, and the trademark rights go with the organic program, we are changing the company name to Laemmle Chemicals AG,” CEO Marketing and Sales Silvan Lämmle said in a Dec. 12 press release. The name change was registered in the commercial register on Dec. 15. The Panolin AG name change will remain until the official publication of the new name.

The company also said it will announce the new name of the oil brand in early January next year. “The brand name will be different from the company name, but the barrel will remain red,” CEO Production and Technology Sarah Mohr-Lämmle revealed. “All in all, not much will change for our customers,” Silvan Lämmle said. “We will continue to operate independently on the market with the tried-and-tested premium lubricants in the red barrel.”

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