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Penthol Steps Up as European Base Oil Supplier


Penthol Steps Up as European Base Oil Supplier

Penthol, a globally recognized distributor of base oils and solvents, is now selling API Group I base oils to the European market from dedicated storage tanks in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and Ghent, Belgium.

Supported by expansive logistics infrastructure and technical expertise, the news has been positively received by lubricant blenders and end users – particularly given the prevailing market conditions and reduction in Russian product now entering Europe. Penthol is currently supplying SN150, SN400, SN500 and BS150 grades.

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Plans are already underway to further increase total storage capacity at these facilities to more than 10,000 metric tons by the end of this year to meet the anticipated demand. It also expects to start Group II distribution in the region in the coming months.

“Taking into account that European supply is really going to be affected from the beginning of next year, our message to everyone is that we are here, we have the product, and we provide a great service to our customers – so let’s work together,” says Andrey Savin, base oil trader at Penthol.

A view of a set of base oil storage tanks. ©Pongchart B

“Right now, we see the market being more affected by a lack of Group I supply but as the quality requirements of lubricant blenders and end users grow, we are ready to introduce Group II as well.”

The business is already well known in Eastern Europe, where Penthol supplies Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, and Greece from its stocks in Turkey.

Penthol provides a full service offering to its customers, with quality product supported by storage, logistics, and financing capabilities. Customers are supplied based on term contracts as well as on a  spot basis.

Now in its 20th year, Penthol enjoys significant growth and expansion worldwide. Working closely with leading producers and refineries, Penthol has become a trusted supplier of Group I, Group II, and Group III base oils and is particularly active in North America, Turkey, and South Africa.

Since 2016, Penthol has been the exclusive distributor for ADNOC’s Group III base oils in North America, with terminals located in Houston and New Orleans.

A petroleum tanker travels along a motorway in the United Kingdom. ©NORRIE3699

The business also has dedicated storage facilities in Gebze, Turkey to distribute Group II and Group III base oils in the region and this past year has expanded its footprint in South Africa in Cape Town and Durban, supplying Group I and Group II in cooperation with a major producer in the Middle East.

In addition to the supply and distribution of base oils, Penthol has two other core business segments: petroleum products, including distillates; and petrochemicals and methanol. It is the largest supplier of methanol in Turkey and a distributor for Methanex.

With an experienced team of specialists that understand the specific demands of the market, Penthol is fully committed to supplying quality base oils, process oils and specialty products to customers around the world.

“At Penthol, we offer financing, full logistics, and technical expertise. We don’t just sell product but offer great value and a complete solution,” says Savin.

To find out more, visit Penthol’s website or contact Penthol directly at

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