France Lube Demand Falls


France Lube Demand Falls

Lubricant consumption in France declined 5% to 36,679 metric tons in August, compared to the same month last year, Paris-based Professional Lubricants Center reported in data released yesterday. Automotive lubricants consumption decreased 3%, and industrial lubricants consumption fell 7%.

Automotive lubricants consumption fell from 20,634 tons to 20,051 tons.

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In August, passenger car engine oil demand was virtually flat at 12,174 tons, while sales of engine oils for commercial diesel vehicles fell 20% to 958 tons and automotive grease consumption slipped 12% to 272 tons. Automatic transmission fluid sales were up 4% at 676 tons.

Industrial lubricants demand – excluding process oils – declined to 12,110 tons, down from 13,069 tons.

Consumption of hydraulic transmission oil decreased 3% to 4,680 tons. Within the category, standard-viscosity index oils consumption dropped 16% to 1,218 tons, while sales of high-viscosity index oils stayed flat at 2,738 tons. Consumption of non-flammable hydraulic transmission oils was up 13% at 724 tons.

Sales of industrial greases jumped 32% to 1,466 tons.

In the metalworking fluids category, demand for non-soluble types dropped 29% to 943 tons, and consumption of soluble types fell 36% to 950 tons.

Turbine oil consumption decreased 1% to 209 tons, and compressor oils demand declined 3% to 118 tons.

Process oils consumption dropped 5% to 4,518 tons.

The Bank of France found in a survey of 8,500 business leaders – conducted from Aug. 29 to Sept. 5 – that for the fourth consecutive month, supply difficulties eased slightly in August overall, but remained significant in the automotive, industry and building sectors. Activity fell sharply in the chemical, pharmaceutical and wood, paper and printing industries, the survey found.

Estimates from the survey, supplemented by other indicators, suggested a sequential increase in France’s gross domestic product in August, compared to July.