Georgia Said to Favor Cheaper Imports


Georgia imported 18,860 tons of motor oils in 2021, a 1.2% drop compared to the year before, and a trade organization said the country’s motorists are extending oil drain intervals in response to soaring product prices.

Georgia’s Union of Oil Products Importers said lubricant imports have stagnated while fuel imports and consumption have increased.

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“This is related to higher inflation in the country,” the organization said in a Jan. 18 news release. “It led motorists to delay regular oil changes in their cars, which translated to reduced motor oil demand.”

Iran was the largest exporter of motor oils to Georgia, accounting for 17% of imports in the product category with 3,240 metric tons in 2021. Turkey ranked just behind with 3,130 tons, and Russia was third with 2,760 tons, or 15%. Germany shipped 1,690 tons, or 9% of the total.

 “What is important is that consumers prefer lower cost products,” the Union of Oil Products Importers stated. “This explains why Iran, Turkey and Russia are the top three suppliers of this product.”

Georgia’s lubricant market is import oriented because there is no significant finished lube producer in the country.