Shell, Lukoil Top Russian Survey


Shell, Lukoil Top Russian Survey
Motor oil containers on the shelves of a store in Russia. © Tramp57

A recent survey of Russian motorists found that Shell, Lukoil and ExxonMobil were the most recognized motor oil brands in 2021, the same results as in 2020. It also found that a majority of motorists change the oil once a year.

Moscow-based analytical company Autostat surveyed 3,000 motorists in October asking what passenger car motor oil brands they know best. The results were published recently in the report “Autostat Omnibus – 2021. Motor Oils: Motorists Preferences. Fifth Wave.”

“The motorists’ survey have shown that they continue to choose the same oil brands as in the last few years,” Viktor Pushkarev, deputy head of Autostat’s analytics department, told Lube Report on Tuesday. “Top positions are Shell, Lukoil and Mobil.”

The largest portion of respondents, or 24%, selected Shell, followed by Lukoil at 16% and ExxonMobil’s Mobil brand at 14%.

In this ranking, Castrol was the fourth best-known motor oil brand in Russia (8%), followed by Elf (4%), Zic (4%) and Liqui Moly and Motul (3% each). Total and Rosneft each claimed 2%.

“The motorists’ primary reasons why they choose these motor oils are personal experience, car manufacturer recommendations and price,” Pushkarev said.

The report indicates that about half of Russian motorists buy motor oil in auto parts stores and that the next most popular locations are car dealership centers and quick oil change locations.

The Autostat survey asked Russian motorists how often they changed the oil. Fifty-seven percent said they preferred to change the oil once a year, while 33%, said they changed the oil biannually. Almost 5% said they changed oil more often, three to four times annually.

“This is probably because they are using their cars very intensively,” the company said.

The full report can be found on the Autostat website.

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