Valvoline Geared Up for Grease Expansion


Valvoline Geared Up for Grease Expansion

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Valvoline, one of the world’s leading lubricant and automotive suppliers, has made a frictionless move towards establishing itself as a major producer of high-performance greases.

After the successful launch of multipurpose and NGLI grades earlier this year in March and May, specialty greases are now also being introduced in October.

An already extensive portfolio includes over 100 high-performance proprietary greases, optimized for various applications, such as those in the mining, steel, construction, and marine industries.

The ever-growing range of lithium, lithium calcium, lithium complex and specialty greases are designed to meet the most demanding requirements no matter the load, temperature, shear, or stress levels. This includes its popular Multipurpose Lithium EP 2, Multipurpose Complex Red 2 and Industry Calsul 2 products – all available in various sizes, from IBC to cartridge.

Lubricating greases are essential to ensuring machinery, components and tooling are as effective and efficient as possible, even in the toughest of environments. By reducing friction and heat, greases allow smooth and reliable operation.

They consist of three key components – base oils, thickeners, and additives – all of which have a bearing on the overall performance. Valvoline is committed to ensuring it provides the right combinations to deliver excellent productivity and to help reduce users’ operating costs.

Valvoline’s in-house quality control laboratory and proprietary testing programs include 165 formulation testing methods. These are used to check the lubricants’ consistency, liquidity, and corrosion protection under extreme pressures – guaranteeing that all products meet the highest industry standards and requirements.

“Grease selection is a key factor to ensure efficiency, durability, reliability and successful operation of machinery and equipment,” says Diego Cesare Brodoni, VP and General Manager of Valvoline Europe. “When operators select a lubricant that has been optimized to suit their requirements, they will achieve the superior equipment performance, but also tangible cost savings.”

“That is the reason why each Valvoline grease is developed and tested according to the highest industry standards and designed to endure under the harsh operating environments in which they are used, making sure our customers can trust the performance and benefits from lower operating costs,” he adds. “I am confident that Valvoline will soon be recognized as industry leader in greases.”

Building on its 150-year legacy as a lubricants and motor oil supplier, Valvoline first made its move into the grease sector with the purchase of Serbian lubricants blender FAM in early 2019. This strategic acquisition helped the business increase its footprint in the region so it could better serve the Central Eastern European and Russian markets. It has since expanded its production site in Krusevac, upgrading capacity and investing in a state-of-the-art R&D facility.

With demand increasing, Valvoline is now looking to further develop its portfolio and focus on future growth opportunities in the grease sector.

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