Spanish Group Promises Lube Supply


The Spanish Association of Lubricant Companies assured the public that its member companies will continue supplying lubes for essential activities despite countermeasures taken by Spain’s government to combat the Covid-19 epidemic.

In a statement issued last week, Aselube advised that lubricant manufacturing is among the types of operations exempted from a March 29 order for businesses to shut down between March 30 and April 9.

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The association, which is based in Madrid, said lubricants are necessary for activities that remain essential during the pandemic such as the transportation of food and other goods and operation of agricultural and public works equipment along with key manufacturing operations.

“We will continue collaborating in everything that is required in our sector to promote the proper functioning of machinery in industries considered essential or strategic and in those that, following the explanatory notes issued, must keep their activity to a minimum,” the statement said.

Spain has been among the nations hardest hit by the pandemic, with the second-highest number of deaths from Covid-19, after Italy. The number of cases in the country continues to climb despite aggressive countermeasures by the national government.

Sigaus, the Integrated Waste Oil Management System, issued its own statement advising that automotive maintenance and the collection and transportation of used lubricants were also declared essential activities exempted from the shutdown order.

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