Gazpromneft-Lubricants Sales Grew in 2018


Gazpromneft-Lubricants reported that its combined production of base oils and finished lubricants increased 21 percent in 2018 to 703,000 metric tons as domestic sales and exports both rose.

Sales of the company’s flagship G-Energy branded motor oils climbed 13 percent to 52,000 tons, thanks to expansion of its international distribution network and product lines.

“The sales in Russia grew up to 479,000 [tons], a 26 percent increase compared to the year before. While the international markets consumed 11 percent more, or up to 224,000 tons compared to 2017,” Moscow-based Gazprom Neft said in its Feb. 19 press release. Russian oil companies generally do not report breakdowns between base oils and finished lubricants.

The company said it now has 300 partner companies in its distribution channel. Outside of Russia, it entered several new markets in 2018, including Singapore, Tanzania, Nepal and Pakistan, and now ships product to 78 countries.

A few more of Gazpromneft-Lubricants’ G-Energy branded car maintenance service stations opened in 2018. The company now operates 170 such stations in 16 countries. Last year the service stations performed about 360,000 oil changes, according to the company.

Gazpromneft is the third-largest lubricants marketer in Russia – after Lukoil and Rosneft – and operates six production sites in Russia, Italy and Serbia.

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