Sopremac Opens Algeria Blending Plant


Sopremac Opens Algeria Blending Plant
Sopremac's new lubricant blending plant in Biskra, Algeria. The 12 million euro (U.S. $13.7 million) facility has capacity to produce 25,000 metric tons per year. Photo courtesy of Leroux Lotz Industry

Biskra, Algeria-based Sarl Sopremac opened a lube oil blending plant in Algeria that has already begun production of multigrade motor oils and industrial lubricants.

The €12 million (U.S. $13.7 million) facility has capacity to produce 25,000 metric tons per year and will manufacture a wide range of lubricants made from conventional and synthetic base stocks, according to David Derouet of Leroux Lotz Industry, the French company that constructed and equipped the new plant.

Sopremac makes its own commercial brand, Sopre-Oil, and also distributes under the Veedol brand under an agreement with Tide Water Oil in India. Both brands will be manufactured at the facility.

The plant, located in Biskra, officially went into production this month, according to a press release from Leroux Lotz Industry.

Sopremac, a petrochemical company, distributes throughout Algeria and in the bordering countries of the Mahgreb region, which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania, said Derouet.

The lubricants have American Petroleum Institute, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association and International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee licenses.

Sopremac is part of the Amouri Group, comprised of several companies in various industries, primarily red brick production.