German Firm Boosts Production, Capacity


German lubricant and grease maker Zeller & Gmelin is expanding its grease production and tank storage capacity to meet growing demand. The expansion work at its Eislingen production site should be complete by the end of 2019, the company confirmed to Lube Report on Monday.

As a result of the growing demand for greases, the company is installing additional state-of-the-art grease mixers for production of greases such as industrial and low-noise greases, using a process system that digitally maps the properties of the mixers for more energy-efficient production, according to Zeller.

The company is also expanding its tank storage capacity for engine lubricants and hydraulic, chain and agricultural oils at the Eislingen site. The tanks are connected to fully automatic filling lines [for separate product packaging], the company said.

Zeller will reveal grease production and tank capacity expansion figures and technology once the work is done. We cant say any detailed figures right now, said Andreas Rascher, companys marketing manager.

The company produces over 700 types of lubricants, such as Divinol-branded engine oils, but its primary focus is on products for industrial applications. It produces a wide range of metalworking fluids, gear oils, lubricants for agricultural and forestry machinery and for corrosion protection, and release agents and other specialty products.

Last year the company exported 45 percent of its total lubricant production, while the rest was sold in Germany, according to the companys website. Zeller & Gmelin has 15 branches and subsidiaries in 11 countries and delivers to 80 countries. The company posted 276 million (U.S. $306.3 million) turnover, or net sales, for financial year 2018.

In addition to lubricants, the company produces packaging printing inks and process chemicals for surface and water treatment.

Zeller & Gmelin Eislingen facility

Photo courtesy of Zeller & Gmelin