Russian Survey Tabs Popular Oils


Shell, Lukoil and ExxonMobil were the three most popular engine oil brands in a recent survey of Russian motorists.

Moscow-based market research firm Autostat asked more than 3,000 motorists during September and October to select one of 18 listed brands of engine oil that they would most recommend. Castrol and Zic, the brand of South Korean SK Lubricants, ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

Seventeen percent of respondents picked Shell, 15 percent Lukoil, 13 percent ExxonMobil, 9 percent Castrol and 6 percent Zic.

In all, these five brands comprise the majority, or 60 percent of all motor oil brands that motorists are loyal to in Russia. “The survey [asked motorists] to choose from 18 different motor oil brands,” Pushkarev said.

The study also found that motor oil selection varied, depending on the regions where the respondents live. For example, Shell’s products are most popular in the North-Caucasian Federal District, while Lukoil motor oils lead in the Northwestern federal District.

Forty six percent of respondents said they use synthetic engine oils, and an equal portion said they use semi-synthetics.

The study, Autostat Omnibus – 2018. Motor Oils: Motorists Preferences, can be purchased in Russian only at the following link.

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