Nynas Launches Biobased Tire Oil


Nynas AB announced this month the introduction of a biobased rubber process oil, saying that it wants to accommodate the tire industrys growing desire for sustainable products.

Nynas, a joint venture between Neste and Petroleos de Venezuela S.A., refines and markets naphthenic base stocks for process oils, lubricants and other applications. According to a March 6 press release, the new product is its first biobased process oil.

The Stockholm-based company did not disclose what the process oil, marketed as Nytex Bio 6200, is made from, and no MSDS for the product appears on its website.

Rubber process oils are used during mixing of rubber compounds. They help improve the dispersion of fillers and flow characteristics of the compound during processing.

A number of other companies already supply biobased made from oils of plants such as soybeans. Most of those companies are focused on the supply of bio-based products.

Nynas officials said they expect demand for such products to increase. The tire industry has an ambition to become more sustainable, Senior Technical Advisor Kamyar Alavi said.

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