UK Additives Firm Opens Plant


Lubricant additives maker and supplier SBZ Corp. opened a new manufacturing facility and laboratory in Wickford, United Kingdom, to accommodate growth in demand from blenders doing business in international markets.

SBZ Corp. believes the increasing demand for its products is partly due to growth in the emerging markets and feels that companies are looking for alternatives to the major additive companies, a company representative told Lube Report in an interview. Whilst finished lubricants may be blended in Europe, many of these will be exported to regions such as Africa, the Middle East and Southern Asia.

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The Wickford, U.K.-based company stated that it supplies a variety of customers, including large international lubricant blenders and smaller local companies alike. It works with customers in manufacturing bespoke additive packages, offering technical solutions and individual support. SBZ supplies additive packages in varying pack sizes, including bulk, IBC/totes and drums.

The new plants site is adjacent to SBZs headquarters 50 kilometers outside of London.

The company stated that its new laboratory – incorporated within the new manufacturing facility – will not only focus on the quality of the products manufactured at the plant and will develop new formulations.

Along with its U.K. facilities, SBZ said it stores products at terminals, bulk storage facilities and warehouses around the world.

According to its web site, SBZ manufactures additive packages for engine oils, hydraulic fluids, manual transmission gear oils, tractor fluids, natural gas engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, marine engine oils and two-stroke engine oils.

SBZ also distributes a variety of additive formulation components – esters, polyalkylene glycol base stocks, antioxidants, extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, corrosion inhibitors, pour-point depressants and viscosity modifiers, engine oil booster packages – and API Group I, II and III base oils.