Titan Adds Grease Plant, Filling Line


MOSCOW – Russian industrial lubricants and grease marketer Titan built a new plant in Novocherkassk, introduced a new filling line and entered new markets, a company official said at an industry conference here last month.

In October last year, Titan commissioned a 12,000 metric tons per year grease plant in Novocherkassk, a city close to the commercial hub of Rostov-on-Don, a port city in the south of Russia. The site also added 36,000 t/y of capacity for production of industrial oils and metalworking fluids.

At the moment we offer up to 200 different types of lubes and greases manufactured on continuous and semi-continues manufacturing lines with total capacity of 48,000 t/y, Anna Obrivalina, project manager of the Novocherkassk plants small-tonnage products, told GBCs CIS Base Oils and Lubricants conference. We use different thickeners such as polyurea, calcium sulfonate and lithium, as well as lithium, aluminum and calcium complexes to produce greases with a unique technology based on waterless mixing of the components.

Titan also manages a group of petrochemical, agricultural and infrastructure companies. Its production site in Novocherkassk features seven process buildings and a certified laboratory with a warehouse for finished products and raw materials.

We have 40 horizontal steel tanks of up to 75 cubic meters for storage of mineral oils, a convenient loading and unloading rack across three unloading points, and access to rail and road infrastructure, Obrivalina said.

The plant recently introduced a polyether grease thickener product formulated with its own high-temperature antioxidant additive and dicarboxylic acid ester. It can be used in industrial and automotive applications that operate in Arctic conditions of minus 60 degrees Celsius or in high-temperature environments to up to 250 degrees Celsius, Obrivalina said.

In May, the plant was upgraded with an industrial grease filling line for one-liter metal containers and 400-gram cartridges. In addition to these, the filling line accommodates five other grease container sizes.

Titan contracts with major Russian companies that operate in the metallurgy, mining, mechanical and instrumental engineering, automotive and rail transport sectors, as well as in the metalworking, petrochemical and defense sectors.

In addition, it opened supply channels in the neighboring markets of the south Caucuses, most notably in Azerbaijan, the company said.

Titan is based in Omsk, western Siberia, where it operates two petrochemical complexes producing synthetic rubbers and latex, fuels, gas condensate and polypropylene.