Synthetics Demand Rising in Poland


Polands synthetic motor oil consumption has tripled the past 10 years, increasing from 5.5 percent of lubricant demand in 2007 to 16.3 percent last year, according to a study recently published by Kantar TNS consultancy.

Conducted on behalf of Shell Polska, the study found that in 2017 the principal growth in Polands finished lube market came from the synthetic oils segment.

Last year Poland consumed 227,000 metric tons of finished lubricants, the study found, citing data by the Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organization. The entire market is showing an upward trend [during] the last few years, but the biggest dynamic is observed in the passenger car motor oils segment, according to Kantars study titled Road Jungle, or a Pole Behind the Wheel.

Trends in the lubricant industry definitely tilt toward synthetic oils.This segment has seen a dynamic growth over the last 10 years, Lukasz Radzyminski, sales director at Shell Polska, said last week. Shell Polska is Shell Lubricants subsidiary in the country.

Motorists in Poland are increasingly using products with very low viscosity, [as low as] 0W-16 grade, according to Radzyminski. This is due to the growing sales of cars equipped with modern engines whose manufacturers require use of such oils.

The study also found that the new car sales in Poland rose 18 percent in 2017, to almost 500,000.

Additionally, the country is increasingly importing used cars from Western Europe, particularly from Germany, which is a traditionally popular import market for Poland. Generally speaking, these vehicles use synthetic oils.

Polish car owners primarily choose the brand and type of motor oil themselves, and they are also eager to listen a professional advice. Every third Pole welcomes advice in this regard.On the other hand,83 percent of motorists have oil changes performed at workshops or specialized service points. Half of Poles regularly control the level of oil in the engine and top up the crankcase if necessary, the study stated.

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