Russian Toll Blender Expands


Russian independent lube producer Obninskorgsintez recently opened a 25,000 metric tons per year grease production facility in Obninsk, Russia, and is enjoying healthy growth thanks to preexisting coolants and lubricant toll blending, the company told Lube Report.

Officials say the company has long-standing contracts with a number of Russian and foreign partners for toll production for antifreezes and lubricants. I can openly assert that top-20 producers of lubricants in the world cooperate with us, said Artem Avdeev, the companys marketing director.

In the new grease plant we started to produce a wide assortment of high-quality products with simple, mixed and complex thickeners, Avdeev added.

The plant will be used as a starting point to develop new business processes and to train employees. This facility will help us to further expand our grease product portfolio with different formulations and purposes.

Last year Obninskorgsintez shipped its products to a score of new markets in the Middle East, India and Africa. In 2018 our company is preparing for its Europe expansion as well, Avdeev said.

Originally a supplier of antifreeze, the company made its foray into lubricants more recently but has been making strides there. It produced 150,000 metric tons of lubes in 2017, up from 105,000 tons the year before.

Obninskorgsintez shows tremendous growth [in lubricant production], never mind the difficult economic situation in Russia and in the world, Avdeev said during an interview last week.

The company now claims to be among the five largest lube marketers in the country, after Lukoil, Rosneft, and Gazprom Neft. Unlike the top three producers, which are all a part of integrated oil companies, Obninskorgsintez is an independent lubricant producer without captive base stock supply.

Our long-term strategy consists of two main parts – production based on contracts [toll blending] and development of own branded products, Avdeev said.

Obninskorgsintez offers a wide range of packages and canisters for its greases and lubricants.

Photo courtesy of Obninskorgsintez

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