Volume 9 Issue 20

EU Alleges Lube Smuggling in Italy

The European Union’s public prosecution office last week announced an investigation, dubbed “Greasy Hands,” into an international criminal ring accused of selling imported motor oils in the Italian market while systematically evading value-added taxes.

Drone Damages Volgograd Refinery

Lukoil’s refinery in Volgograd, Russia, was struck again Sunday by a drone attack that caused a fire and reportedly damaged a key unit.

Fuchs Profit Rises Despite Revenue Drop

Independent lubricants blender Fuchs SE reported a 6% increase in first-quarter net profit and a 6% decline in sales revenue, attributed to price adjustments and currency effects.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Shell Sells Singapore Refining Complex

Indonesia Simplifies Import of Base Stocks

Safety-Kleen Acquires Noble Oil

Briefly Noted

Under an agreement with lubricants manufacturer Adnoc Distribution, AD Ports Group’s Ports Cluster will distribute marine lubricants to customers in the United Arab Emirates during the initial stages of the pact before expanding to a global footprint of distribution. Both parties agreed to jointly work on expanding the global marine lubricants market due to its importance for the shipping and maritime industries.


The original headline for an article in the May 7 issue, “OQ Restarts Production at German Plants,” stated erroneously that OQ Chemicals had lifted its March 4 force majeure declaration at those plants. Although production at those sites has resumed, the declaration remains in effect.