Volume 9 Issue 18

Fuchs: Regulations, EVs Pose Challenges

Amid market stagnation, Europe’s lubricants industry faces an unprecedented set of challenges ranging from regulations spurred by climate change to armed conflicts, a leading industry figure said at the UNITI Mineral Oil Technical Forum two weeks ago.

Recycling Oil Containers into Roads

A ground-up mixture of drained plastic motor oil canisters can be used as a construction additive in road pavement materials typically made of bitumen and concrete, to enhance the pavement mixture’s resilience to physical strain and temperature variations, according to research conducted by Perm Polytechnic University.

Vivo Lube Earnings Rose in 2023

Vivo Energy, which distributes lubricants to retail and commercial customers across Africa, reported a 10% increase in earnings for its lubricants segment in 2023 and a 5% uptick in sales revenue from external customers, the company said in its annual report.

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Briefly Noted

Among new commercial vehicle registrations across the European Union in the first quarter, new van sales rose by 13% to nearly 400,000, new truck registrations declined by 4% to 85,296 and new bus sales jumped 23% to 9,624, compared to sales in the same period last year, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association reported.