D-A Enlists Toll Blender in China


D-A Enlists Toll Blender in China
A line of Chinese brand heavy trucks that are mostly used in coal mines head to a mining area after break time at a site in South Sumatra-Indonesia. Heavy-duty diesel engine oils for vehicles used in the mining industry are among the products offered by D-A Lubricant Co. © BK Awangga / shutterstock.com

United States-based D-A Lubricant Co. announced it will establish its brand in Asia through a new partnership with Chinese lubricant toll blender Shanghai Dalian Petrochemical Co.

Established in 2001, Shanghai Dalian Petrochemical provides service to many major lubricant brands in Asia.

D-A Lubricant Owner and CEO Michael Protogere said that expanding into the Asian market marked a significant step.

“Our partnership with Dalian provides a local presence in Asia and demonstrates our commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of Asian customers,” Protogere said in a news release.

The partnership with Shanghai Dalian Petrochemical expands D-A Lubricant’s distributor network and widens the reach of its products and services into Asia. D-A Lubricant said it will customize its product offerings to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of the Asian market, with the goal of strengthening relationships with local businesses in Asia.

Joe Huang is the licensee of D-A Lubricant for all of Greater Asia. With more than 22 years in the lubricant industry, Huang graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech, with a specialization in tribology. He is responsible for building the D-A Lubricants business throughout Greater Asia.

“This is a major undertaking,” Huang said, adding that D-A is partnering with local suppliers and working to build brand awareness in end-user industries such as manufacturing, transportation and construction and among consumer vehicle owners.

Family-owned and operated, D-A Lubricant is based in Lebanon, Indiana. The company has operated in the U.S. for 100 years.

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