Volume 5 Issue 39

Seeking New Additives for Metalworking

Metalworking fluid suppliers are facing challenges from changes in the raw materials they are able to use and also from shifts in the type of metal forming operations employed by industry, Lanxess officials told a conference last month. As a result, they predicted that formulators will lean more heavily on certain types of chemistries, such as sulfur-carrying extreme pressure additives.

Russian Base Oil Exports Decrease

Russia exported less base oil in June and July, compared to February, as shipments to Europe dwindled under the barrage of sanctions by the United States and Europ, according to a report by Argus. At the same time, internal demand dropped because of the economic slowdown caused by the Ukrainian War.

New Fuels and Engines Tax Marine Lubes

The emerging era of new ship engine designs and the mosaic of interim and future fuels that are part of shipping’s transition towards decarbonization pose a variety of performance challenges for marine lubricants, a lubricant additives company official said during an online webinar earlier this month.

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Briefly Noted

United Kingdom-based Exol Lubricants appointed Simon Clegg and Daniel Hector joint operations managers for its Rotherham blending plant. Both will be tasked with managing the site, streamlining quality control procedures and delivering a strategy for cost efficiencies, along with monitoring incoming shipments of base oils and additives.