Volume 5 Issue 24

Taneco Adds Group III Grade

Tatneft recently started the process of streaming 6 centiStoke API Group III base oil at its Taneco refinery after it finished the next phase of equipment installation as part of an overhaul of the refinery, the company said. The refinery is located in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, and has the capacity to make 90,000 tons per year of Group II and 100,000 t/y of Group III base oils.

Perstorp Shifts to Renewable Raw Materials

Perstorp Group said June 9 that its largest plant in Sweden will convert all polyols derived from petroleum – pentaerythritol, neopentyl glycol and trimethylolpropane – to products of partly renewable or recycled origin. The conversion, targeted to be completed by 2023, is part of Perstorp’s efforts to offer more sustainable solutions to customers.

Plugging Benefits of Digitalization

Digitalization of sales and supply activities can help lubricant companies to manage their businesses more efficiently and effectively, according to a speaker at a recent online conference for the industry in Nigeria. Addressing the International Lubricant Conferencel, Openspace Services Pvt Director Niket Shah said digitalization enables automization and integration of functions such as sales, inventory management and communications with customers.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

Registrations of new commercial vehicles in the European Union fell by 27% to 125,034 units in April, compared to the same month last year, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association reported. Year to date through April, sales of new commercial vehicles in the EU declined by 20% to 536,408.