Volume 4 Issue 23

Polyurea Grease Finds Foothold in Russia

The vast majority of Russian-made heavy machinery, smelters in steel and cast-iron complexes, machines in power plants, bearings installed in production lines in paper and pulp or polymer production factories, all rely on the domestically supplied polyurea grease, an industry event heard recently.

Perstorp Expands EHA-2 Capacity

Perstorp is increasing production capacity for 2-ethylhexanoic acid, a chemical intermediate that can be used to make synthetic lubricants and oil additives, the company announced last week. The Swedish company, which claims to be the world’s largest producer of the chemical, said it has already started the project.

German Blender Hits Warehouse Roadblock

German lubricant blender Meguin GmbH & Co. said it plans to revise its concept for a modern central warehouse in Saarhafen’s Saarlouis-Dillingen port after a city council voted against the proposed project in May, citing environmental concerns.

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