Volume 4 Issue 20

Total Expands Russian Blend Plant

Total has decided to expand its three-year-old lubricant blending plant in Russia, stating that it is taking the action after a steady ramp-up in production volumes, including a 15% increase in 2020. The French oil major said it will spend U.S. $2 million to increase capacity of the plant in Vorsino, Kaluga Oblast, from 40,000 metric tons per year to 70,000 t/y.

French Lube Sales Fell in February

France’s lubricant consumption decreased by 3% in February compared to the same month in 2020, the second consecutive year-to-year decline after five consecutive months of sales exceeding the corresponding month of the previous year. According to statistics released by the Professional Lubricants Center, finished lube sales in the country fell to 44,790 metric tons in February.

Perstorp Lifts Force Majeure Declaration

Perstorp has lifted the force majeure notice it issued on April 9 for supply of pentaerythritol mono and related materials, having resolved production problems at its Plant C in Bruchhausen, Germany. Among the materials affected were two chemicals used in production of lubricants.

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Briefly Noted

United Kingdom-based global communications agency Lewis will develop and implement international public relations and digital campaigns for Petronas Lubricants International across the Europe-Middle East-Africa region under a recently announced agreement.