Volume 4 Issue 1

ELGI Warns of Lithium Classification

The European Lubricating Grease Institute launched an effort recently to lobby against a proposal for the European Union to classify lithium salts as a Category A1 substance in terms of toxicity to reproduction, warning that such action could severely disrupt grease supply chains.

Survey Suggests Setback in Russian Market

A December survey of lubricant suppliers in Russia showed their outlook on their business took a downturn from September, suggesting that the market was trending in a negative direction as 2020 came to a close.

Liqui Moly Claims Strong 2020 Finish

German lubricant and aftermarket additive manufacturer Liqui Moly reported 26% higher sales in November and 38% higher sales in December, compared to results a year earlier. Aggressive marketing and investments helped it weather and eventually thrive despite the pandemic, the company said.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

Conrad Keijzer became CEO of Muttenz, Switzerland-based Clariant on Jan. 1. The specialty chemical company manufactures esters and polyalkylene glycol.