Volume 3 Issue 46

Ukraine Tightens Tracking of Lubes, Base Oils

Ukraine has added a layer to its border control of base oil and lubricant imports in an effort to curb the illegal mixing of waste oils with finished products, as well as unlawful burning or dumping in landfills.

Valvoline Eyes Growth in Industrial Oils

Custom Content – Within the space of just three years, Valvoline Europe has significantly grown its industrial lubricants business, expanded its team and broadened its already extensive portfolio of high-performance products.

France Lube Demand Rose in September

Lubricant demand in France jumped to 46,040 metric tons in September, exceeding consumption in the same month of 2019 as the market continued recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rebound Forecast for Africa, Middle East

Although COVID-19 impacted the economies of Africa and the Middle East in three key ways – the cost of coping with the pandemic, suppressed oil prices and reduced trade flows – several economic forecasts suggest a rebound and opportunities in 2021, a management consultant said during an online conference last month.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

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Briefly Noted

The United Kingdom Lubricants Association announced Darren Frogson, CEO of Exol Lubricants, as its new president. Exol manufactures and supplies lubricants and associated products to industry, agriculture, transport, automotive and garage sectors.  Total Tunisia and Morris Garages Motors signed a new long-term partnership, under which Total’s lubricants will be available in all of the automotive company’s points of sale in Tunisia.  Lagos, Nigeria-based Ardova Plc announced a new deal under which it will act as the main distributor for Shell Lubricants for Nigeria’s automotive and industrial sectors.