Volume 3 Issue 22

Middle East Airlines Mothball Planes

Fears that the market for aviation lubricants and greases in the Middle East is unravelling as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic are exaggerated, analysts say.

Russia Using More Synthetic Motor Oils

The share of vehicles in Russia that use American Petroleum Institute’s API SM or API SN motor oil categories increased in the last couple of years, a new market study found.

Food-grade Lube Market Set to Grow

A new report by market research company Data Bridge forecasts the food-grade lubricants segment will grow by 7.1 percent by 2027 to a value of U.S. $387.83 million, driven by increasing concerns about food safety and a growing population.

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Briefly Noted

Saint Petersburg, Russia-based Gazprom Neft increased its finished lubricants sales to 90,000 tons in the first quarter ending March 31, a 28.6 percent increase compared to the first quarter of 2019. The company launched six new products and got approval for its Gazprom Ocean–branded marine lubricants by original equipment manufacturer Wartsila-Sulzer.