Volume 3 Issue 17

Tatneft to Open Plant in June

Tatneft has finished building a lubricants blending plant at the site of its Taneco refinery in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, and plans to start operations in June, the company told Lube Report.

Russian Auto Sales Sag Under Covid-19

Russian’s vehicle market is enduring a difficult period, with steep sales declines projected for 2020 as a quarantine intended to contain Covid-19 devastates businesses, forces millions out of labor and depresses consumer spending.

Non-petroleum Waxes Grow in Europe

Europe was the second-largest supplier of wax in 2019, remaining a significant supplier of petroleum waxes while showing strong growth in synthetic polymer waxes and vegetable waxes, an analyst said recently.

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Briefly Noted

Chris Wholley succeeded Peter Vickers – who will remain as chairman – as managing director of Leeds, United Kingdom-based Vickers Oils on March 30. Wholley has served as deputy managing director for several years and as technical director since 2002 for the company, which supplies food-grade, marine and textile lubricants.