Volume 3 Issue 13

Virus Disrupts Russian Base Oil Exports

Base oil shipments coming from Russia and other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States are facing logistical obstacles in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nigerian Proposal Targets Substandard Lubes

Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council is considering adopting a policy that would crack down on sales of substandard lubes through a partnership between regulatory agencies, security operatives and local lubricant market stakeholders.

Gazpromneft’s Lubes Sales Rose in 2019

Gazpromneft-Lubricants sold 708,000 tons of base oils and lubricants in 2019, up from 703,000 tons sold the year before, thanks to increased international sales and higher volumes of products in small packages, the company announced.

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Briefly Noted

Briton Lubricant Ltd. announced it plans to enter Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company makes automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants and greases at its blending plant in Arusha, Tanzania, where it was incorporated in 2011.