Volume 2 Issue 45

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

A faint yet discernible increase in activity has been seen in both the United States and Asian markets. Some European routes are also in a healthier state, but there are some routes that have stagnated.-by Adrian Brown

Base Oil Market Roiled by Change

The base oil market is changing as the industry tackles new sources of product, increasingly demanding lubricant performance requirements and a variety of other challenges, an industry insider said at an event in Cannes, France.

Russian Greases Divergent in Quality

Imports are on the rise in Russias grease market, but domestic lubricant makers are trying to displace them by offering products of similarly high quality. However, low-quality greases made by some domestic producers continue to dominate a large portion of the market, an industry insider said.

Profits Down for Fuchs, Up for BP Lubes

Independent lubricants blender Fuchs Petrolub SE reported a decrease in profits and an increase in sales, while BPs lubricants business posted an increase in profit for the third quarter compared to 2018s third quarter.

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Briefly Noted

Shell announced the three-year renewal to the end of 2022 of its longstanding technical partnership with Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati. The partnership has provided access to a test bed for development of Shells own products, including motorcycle lubricants. Timken Co. completed its previously announced acquisition of Pegnitz, Germany-based automatic lubrication system supplier Beka Lubrication for approximately $165 million.