Volume 2 Issue 30

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

U.S. markets look fairly robust for the rest of July. Europe also seems as though it will get through the next couple of weeks without too much difficulty. Asia is not exactly busy, but owners are finding cargoes and there are clearly fewer prompt positions than before.-by Adrian Brown

Online Oil Sales Lack Traction in Russia

Inflation and declining consumer incomes would typically encourage online purchases of lubricants, where prices are normally cheaper. But a recent study found that online transactions still account for just 5 percent of lube sales in Russia, which is afflicted by those maladies.

Croda Acquires Rewitec

Croda International Plc announced last week the acquisition of Rewitec GmbH, stating it aims to help the German additive supplier to expand. The companies did not disclose the price of the transaction.

Software Switch Backfires at Liqui Moly

German lubricant and additive marketer Liqui Moly said problems with new software caused a sharp drop in earnings and are continuing to hamper the business.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Perstorpannounced yesterday its German site in Bruchhausen produced and sold in May for the first time its Voxtar renewable pentaerythritol, introduced in 2010 as the first renewable penta. The polyol can be used as a chemical building block in aviation turbine oils, transformer oils and refrigeration lubricants. Oil Libya Africa Energy, which markets lubricants and fuels from Morocco to Kenya, has changed its name to Ola Energy.