Volume 2 Issue 28

Evonik Boosts Global Oil Additives Capacity

Evonik announced yesterday it is expanding its production capacity for polyalkylmethacrylate-based viscosity modifiers by 15 percent to meet rising demand. The oil additives provider has a global production footprint, including three plants in Europe.

Oxea to Add Sixth Carboxylic Acid Plant

Oxea announced on July 5 plans to build a new plant in Oberhausen, Germany, by the end of 2021 to produce carboxylic acids, which are used in manufacturing lubricant esters. The company had previously announced in January plans to expand capacity to make such products.

Rosneft Lubes Sales Rose in 2018

Rosneft sold 84,000 metric tons of what it calls premium lubricants, up 21 percent from the year before, driven by an effort to displace imported and foreign branded lubricants from the Russian market.

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Briefly Noted

Independent lubricants blender Fuchs Petrolub SE announced on July 5 that based on preliminary figures, it anticipated a 1 percent decline in sales to 1.3 billion (U.S. $1.5 billion) for the first six months of 2019 and earnings before interest and tax over that period close to 20 percent below the previous year. The reason for this is the continued global market weakness, particularly in June, the Mannheim, Germany-based company stated.