Rosneft Lubes Sales Rose in 2018


Rosneft sold 84,000 metric tons of what it calls premium lubricants, up 21 percent from the year before, driven by an effort to displace imported and foreign branded lubricants from the Russian market.

The companys combined sales of base oils and lubricants was at the same level as in the year before – about 1 million tons. The domestic market consumed 65 percent of it in 2018, up 2 percent from the year before.

The company is set on a path to accomplish the maximum [amount] of import production replacement and manufacturing localization. This is one of our main strategic goals in achieving more efficiency, sustainable development, transparency, social responsibility and technological independence, Rosneft said in its annual performance report.

Last year Rosneft introduced a new line of lubricants for use in the extreme Arctic cold in the countrys Far North regions.

The company is also developing oils for rocket and space technology, thickening additives and additive packages for all-season, energy-efficient hydraulic oils.

We are also developing a fire-resistant oil used for steam turbines in nuclear energy power generation and technology for production of high-viscosity, low-pour point base oils such as polyalphaoloefins, Rosneft said in its annual report.

The due date for the start of high-tonnage production of all the products the company is now developing is 2022, according to the companys strategic goals.

In its annual report, Rosneft pointed to improved cost efficiency in sales and access to end users in domestic and export markets. Last year the volume of shipments to end consumers on direct contracts increased to 32,000 tons, up 25 percent from the year before, the report stated.

Last year the company also increased its petrochemical product exports by 3 percent and continued shipments to such destinations as Cuba. In accordance with the government agreements between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Cuba, we shipped more volumes of diesel fuel and base oils to the Caribbean island, Rosneft said.

After Lukoil, Rosneft is the second largest lube marketer in Russia.

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