Volume 1 Issue 48

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

The gradual tightening of space out of the United States continued last week, and Europe looks a little busier too. Asia, however, is slower in parts, and the customary year-end build-up is missing.-by Adrian Brown

Middle East Base Oil Exports on Upswing

The Middle East has become a prominent producer and net exporter of API Group II and Group III base oil, using its glut of over 2 million tons of material to cater to demand in India, North America and Western Europe, an industry insider said at a conference in Moscow.

New Market Leaders for Kenyan Lubricant Market

When most multinationals began moving out of Kenya, it opened the door to an influx of new lubricant market players, a Kenyan lubricants distributor official told Lube Report on the sidelines of a conference in Cape Town, South Africa last month.

Russia Long Way From Adopting EVs and Hybrids

Although internal combustion engines are expected to remain dominant in Russia - where a preference for larger cars and lack of government subsidies hinder the growth of electric vehicles and hybrids - the countrys lubricant manufacturers seek opportunities abroad as they assess the shift towards EVs and hybrids elsewhere, industry insiders said.

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Briefly Noted

BASFwill reorganize from four to six business segments beginning Jan. 1, 2019. The segments will be Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. Members of the European Parliament voted to adopt a 35 percent reduced emissions target for trucks in an effort to reduce the European Union’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.