Volume 1 Issue 47

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

Space from the U.S. Gulf is gradually draining away for the rest of the month due to improved demand. November space is tighter within Asia too. European markets are busier than previously, but lack of space is not an issue.-by Adrian Brown

Group I Growth Forecast for Africa

Contrary to global trends, African demand for API Group I base oils will continue rising in coming years and the grade remain the dominant choice of the regions lubricant market, an industry insider said at the ICIS African Base Oils and Lubricants Conference last month.

Belarus Motor Oil Demand Stagnates

Motor oil demand in Belarus reached 32,000 metric tons in 2017, showing signs of stagnation after a peak in demand caused by the influx of imported cars in 2014 and 2015, a market study found. Development of Belarus vehicle fleet depends on its political relations with Russia, the report noted.

African Blenders Debate Quality Control

The African lubricant markets lack of an adequate quality control mechanism - particularly for its engine oil segment - has led to ongoing challenges for industry players, speakers said during a panel at an industry conference last month in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Briefly Noted

Hammonia Oleochemicals GmbH announced Andreas Martin took over as business director of lubricants.Lukoil Lubricantspartnered withFair Deal Energyto enter the Kenyan market, and will base its marketing efforts out of Nairobi.