Volume 1 Issue 29

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

All routes out of the United States are extremely slow right now. Asia is still slow, but a little more demand has been detected recently. Domestic European trades are moving along nicely, but the long-haul routes are floundering.-by Adrian Brown

More Supply Looms for Base Oils

Europe, Middle East and Africa together consume 25 percent of the worlds finished lubricants, yet the region packs on more weight when it comes to base oil supply. It is home to 17.4 million metric tons a year of mineral base oil refining capacity - 30 percent of the global supply - with more coming soon, research from LubesnGreases shows.

EU Revising Lubes Ecolabel

The European Union is working on a revision of its Ecolabel standard for lubricants. Regulators say the proposed changes will strengthen protections for the environment while also encouraging the development of more environmentally benign products.

Deal Brings Oman's Lubes to Kenya

Oman Trading International, a subsidiary of Oman Oil Marketing Co., inked an agreement with Kenyas Hass Petroleum to sell the Muscat-based marketers range of lubricants in the East African country.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Chevron Lubricants rebranded its commercial and industrial brand in European markets as Texaco Delo. Spanish energy major Repsol said in its updated strategic plan that between 2018 and 2020 it plans to invest 6.8 billion (U.S. $7.9 billion) in its downstream – refining, chemicals, marketing, lubricants, trading, LPG, gas and power – and low emissions assets.