Volume 1 Issue 22

SSY Base Oil Shipping Report

The European market has fared better than other regions this week. Asia has flopped again, and the U.S. looks rather ragged in places. Rising bunker costs are becoming a major factor for owners who will be trying to recoup the extra cost through higher freights.-by Adrian Brown

ACEA Works Toward 2018 Upgrade

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association is working to complete an upgrade of its ACEA automotive engine oil standards by the end of this year. The first upgrade since 2016, the 2018 European Oil Sequences promise new and replacement tests, additional light-duty categories and the potential elimination of older such categories.

Engine Sludge Remains Prevalent in Africa

Engine sludge remains a common problem in Africa because of lubricant oxidation, soot contamination and water in engines, often exacerbated by poor maintenance and usage of obsolete engine oils, a Total Cameroon official said at a tribology conference last week.

Oil Collection Tough for Russian Rerefiners

Russian rerefiner efforts to collect used oil are being hindered by the popularity of burning it for fuel and by the inability of authorities to implement new waste regulations, an industry insider said last week at a conference in Moscow.

From Other Editions of Lube Report

Briefly Noted

Kirill Vereta was appointed general director of Lukoil lube arm LLK International, succeeding Maxim Donde. Vereta was general director of Intesmo – a Lukoil and Russian Railways joint venture responsible for grease production and sales – as well as deputy general director for manufacturing and chief engineer of LLK International. Martin Brudermuller became the new chairman of the board of executive directors of Ludwigshafen, Germany-based BASF SE earlier this month, succeeding Kurt Bock. Brudermuller has been vice chairman of the board since 2011 and chief technology officer since 2015.