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Kixx Unveils Eco-Friendly Engine Oil


Kixx Unveils Eco-Friendly Engine Oil
Kixx BIO1 0W-20 is a fully synthetic engine oil made from 100% plant-based base oil. Photo courtesy of GS Caltex

An innovative new engine oil made from 100% plant-based base oil is proof that a sustainable solution shouldn’t have to compromise on performance.

South Korea’s leading lubricant brand, Kixx, is proud to announce the global launch of Kixx BIO1 0W-20 fully synthetic engine oil, a robust eco-friendly formulation that combines fuel economy with outstanding engine protection and wear prevention.

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The automotive sector is facing increasing demand for greener oils and lubricants that are both competitively priced and effective. Carbon reduction, the environment, and a desire for improved efficiency are becoming far more important to consumers.

Kixx, the lubricant brand of energy company GS Caltex, says the latest addition to its portfolio is an eco-friendly lubricant that addresses each of these concerns.

Image courtesy of GS Caltex

“Kixx has worked hard to develop a range of engine oils for the age of eco-consciousness,” says Changbeom Lee, Kixx marketing manager. “Now, it is expanding its commitment to sustainability with the launch of Kixx BIO1, which presents a way for those drivers who aren’t immediately shifting away from gasoline vehicles to still minimize their impact on the environment.”

This fully synthetic engine oil was a year in development and is the result of the first-ever partnership between Kixx and US-based Novvi LLC – a producer of high performance bio-based fuels. The SynNova Sustainable Synthetic Base Oil (SSBO) manufactured by Novvi is carbon negative and derived from renewable feedstocks including palm, coconut, soy, and rapeseed.

Kixx BIO1 0W-20 uses an entirely plant-based base oil to minimize the oil’s impact on the environment. It contains 86% biobased content and is a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified Biobased Product, tested and approved to meet the latest API SP and ILSAC GF-6A specifications, including timing chain protection and LSPI prevention (for T-GDI engines).

Kixx BIO1 0W-20 contains 86% biobased content and is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Image courtesy of GS Caltex.

During testing, it was proven to offer a 31% improvement in terms of fuel economy over conventional API SP standard oils, and result in as much as 25% less wear on timing chain. It also resulted in lower deposits and better sludge control.

And this greener focus also extends beyond the oil itself, with Kixx BIO1’s packaging being sustainably-constructed, made from post consumer recycled (PCR) material.

Kixx remains committed to the development of more sustainable and environmentally-friendly lubricants and motor oils for hybrid/electric vehicles, and wants to help drive change in the automotive industry. It is planning further additions to the range, with a Kixx BIO1 5W-30 line due for launch worldwide in the second quarter.

To find out more about Kixx BIO1 0W-20 and its development of more sustainable engine oils, visit

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