Lubes’n’Greases November Issue Available


Lubes’n’Greases November Issue Available

The November issue delves into South America’s base oils and finished lubricants markets. Learn about the privatization of Brazil’s base oil production and the evolution of motorcycle oils in the region. Plus, discover how waste oil rerefining is gaining momentum as well as how base stock selection can influence greater lubricant sustainability.

Also in this issue:

Your Business – Truth and Consequences
Honesty and a strong moral code are imperative traits for business professionals to possess. A lack thereof can have dire consequences, Jack Goodhue warns.

Base Oil Report: Trends – Is PAO Set to Grow?
Industry experts believe that PAO demand will increase in coming years. What factors may contribute to this growth?

Base Oil Report: Pricing – Are We There Yet?
Posted base oil prices seemed to settle into a more typical pattern this fall, but has the market returned to normality yet?

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Need to Know – A Major Shift
After several years of volatile market conditions and significant supply line interruptions, lubricant buyers have reconsidered what they are looking for in a supplier.

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November 2022

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