Lubes’n’Greases October Issue Available


Lubes’n’Greases October Issue Available

The October issue features a special report on additives. Discover how new policy in Europe may contribute to major disruptions for chemical manufacturers as well as how a new antioxidant may be able to boost lubricant performance. Plus, learn about how new developments in EV charging may speed up charging times, the benefits of double separation technology and more.

Also in this issue:

Automotive – Viscosity Continues to Decrease
Lower viscosity grades seem to have taken over the PCMO market. Will engine oil viscosity trend even lower in the coming years?

Base Oil Report: Trends – Base Oils Outlook Now and Later
The base oil market has weathered many a storm during the past few years. Ray Masson explains how some key factors have led the base oil industry to its current position as well as where it might go from here.

Base Oil Report: Pricing – All Is Quiet on the Base Oils Front
Base oil pricing dynamics cooled off a bit in September. Gabriela Wheeler explains which factors helped to steady the market.

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Best Practices – Consider Your Job Satisfaction
When is the right time to begin looking for new career opportunities? Sara Lefcourt offers some key considerations to those pondering this important decision.

Lubes’n’Greases Magazine
October 2022

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