China Truck Standard Now Due July 1


The Chinese government announced on April 25 that the parts of its China VI emission standard applying to heavy diesel vehicles will be implemented nationwide starting July 1.

The China VI standard, which covers heavy- and light-duty vehicles, include two phases, VI-a and VI-b. The former is essentially equivalent to the Euro 6 and Euro VI standards adopted by the European Union for light- and heavy-duty vehicles, while the latter sets more stringent testing limits and adds a requirement that engines be able to connect to remote emission monitoring systems.

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The requirements for China VI are significantly tougher than the previous standard, China V, and require steps up in engine oil performance.

According to the joint announcement earlier this week by several agencies, production and sales of heavy-duty diesel vehicles that do not meet China VI will be prohibited, and imported trucks will also have to comply.

Automobile manufacturing and import enterprises will be required to disclose vehicle emission inspection information and pollution control technical information before vehicles leave the factory or enter the country. They will need to upload a vehicle list to ensure that the actual produced and imported vehicles meet the new standard. In May 2020, the government announced a six-month postponement to nationwide implementation of its China VI emissions standard for light-duty vehicles, which had been scheduled to take effect July 1 last year. The delay was approved to assist the nation’s automobile industry, which saw a sharp drop in sales in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.