Lopal Exports Lubricants to Pakistan


Lopal Exports Lubricants to Pakistan
An employee with Chinese lubricants marketer Jiangsu Lopal Tech uses equipment to move drums at one of the company's facilities. Photo courtesy of Jiangsu Lopal Tech

Chinese lubricants marketer Jiangsu Lopal Tech recently exported its first batch of lubricants to Pakistan, which it said marked another step in its internationalization strategy as it builds brand awareness in markets outside China.

“On March 19, a batch of Lopal products, including diesel engine oil, gear oil and grease were officially loaded and shipped to Karachi, Pakistan,” Lopal said in a news release. This step followed the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement in January with Southwest Research Institute, a United States-based, independent, nonprofit research and development organization.

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Lopal noted that western multinational companies have done intense cultivation of international markets, providing them advantages in brand awareness. “Chinese lubricant companies are newcomers” to such markets, Lopal noted. “In recent years, Lopal lubricants has adhered to the goal of global [research and development] and global market sale.” The company claims to have become China’s first private lubricant company that has truly gone abroad and established branches abroad.

After nearly 10 years of efforts towards overseas market expansion, the company said it has sold products such as Lopal lubricants and AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid to 15 countries and regions.

Thai lubricant blender PSP Specialties began toll manufacturing for Lopal in Thailand, the company announced in May 2019. Lopal sells Trisonic lubricants in Thailand and China, and at that time said it planned to expand its products reach into the Asia-Pacific region and Africa in the next five years and the rest of the world within 10 years. The Trisonic range of lubricants includes passenger car motor oils, pick-up truck engine oils, motorcycle lubricants, heavy duty engine oils, automatic transmission fluids and automotive gear oils.

In August 2018, the company announce plans to invest U.S. $2 million to set up a wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore, to help expand the sales share of its products such as lubricants and antifreeze in Southeast Asia and strengthen its competitiveness in the international market.