Copton Streams Qingdao Plant


Qingdao Copton Technology Co.recently announced that it opened its new manufacturing facility, dubbed the Huangdao Industrial Park in Qingdao, China, at the end of April, one year after it listed on the the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

The plant has an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tons of mostly lubricants, along with antifreeze and brake fluids. The company has previously said it invested 206 million in the project.

The units blending equipment comes from United States-based Emerson Automation Solutions and the 120,000 barrels per hour.filling equipment is supplied by Italys Ocme srl.

The 4,000-square meter park includes 103 tanks with a total storage capacity of 30,000 cubic meters, giving each production line dedicated storage tanks. Copton said its 10,560 storage bins can easily handle 200 million worth of lubricant products at a time and will increase the efficiency of product delivery through an Internet of things system of connected warehouses – a feature it says is a first in the Chinese lubes industry.

Photo: Qingdao Copton Technology Co.

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