Kawasaki Revamps Oil Packaging


Kawasaki aims to stand out in Indonesias increasingly competitive lubricant market by selling some of its motor oils in transparent containers designed to look like high-end perfume.

The Japanese automaker launched the new packaging for its fully synthetic 10W-40 four-stroke motorcycle oil this month. The 4T Ultimate comes in a black cardboard box with gold trimming and contains a slim, cylindrical 1-liter clear plastic bottle – similar in aesthetic to some premium perfume bottles sold in the country.

The plastic container of the motor oil is transparent and is the only lubricant product in Indonesia to use this concept, Morrit Widyawan, supervisor of PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesias spare parts department, said in a telephone interview.

We collaborated with our blender, Idemitsu, and our staff at Kawasaki Motor Indonesia thought of the design, he added. It appeals to the consumers, many of whom believe that a clear lubricant looking like pure oil is preferred. It also helps prevent counterfeits because most of the time, counterfeit lubricants are darker.

The premium lubricant is sold at 92,000 rupiah (U.S. $7). The product’s prior packaging was a black, opaque plastic bottle.

KMI, a subsidiary of Japans Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., has two motorcycle plants with an annual capacity of 250,000 units in Indonesia.

Photo: Kawasaki Motor Indonesia

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