Recycling Plant Opens in Malaysia


Hiap Huat Holdings opened its third and largest waste oil recycling plant last week. Located in Pulau Indah, Malaysia, the plant has the capacity to make 15,000 metric tons per year of recycled base oil.

The new facility operates as Topmark Petroleum Products Sdn, and it doubles Hiap Huats overall oil recycling capacity.

Officials said they plan to use the output from Topmark to increase base oil exports. Approximately 5 percent of base oil volumes from the existing facilities is now exported to countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and Myanmar.

Pulau Indah is located on Malaysias west coast and is part of greater Port Klang. Hiap Huat officials called it a strategic location for an oil recycling plant because of the large amounts of used lubricants generated by industry there.

Hiap Huat, which is headquartered in Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, also collects the used oil that feeds its plants.