Lopal Announces Green Strategy


Chinese lubricant marketer Lopal Tech unveiled a new strategy based on supply of green lubricants billed as helping motorists improve fuel economy.

The Nanjing-based company is not a large player in the industry, but gained an inordinate amount of notoriety earlier this year when video of a stunt car jumping the Amur River went viral across China. Lopal sponsored the vehicle, which had the company’s brand name emblazoned on it.

Lopal launched a series of new engine oils at a recent press event, as well as antifreeze, brake fluid, gear oil and automatic transmission fluids. All are marketed as green and energy efficient.

As the Chinese government continues to tighten the environmental policy, I believe eco-friendly products will be the future, not only in the lube industry, but also many other industries, Lopal President Shi Junfeng told Lube Report Asia during a recent interview in his office.

Shi said that Lopal is eager to compete with multinationals by offering the best quality possible. For its blending operations, Lopal buys base oils and additives from global players only. For example, it recently inked a deal with South Koreas SK to secure the supply of API Group II and III base oils. Other partners include ExxonMobil and the Taiwanese company Formosa Petrochemical.

Multinationals and Lopal are both privately owned companies, so I dont see any reason we cannot offer what they are capable of offering, Shi said.

The new products include the Fang Shen Bao series of automotive lubricants which feature an anti-leak function. Lopal also launched the Jie Nuo CNG-7 and CNG-8 oils for compressed natural gas fueled engines.

In addition, Lopal added the Sonic brand of lubes, antifreeze, brake fluid, gear oil and automatic transmission oil on its online portfolio on its business-to-consumer store, Tmall.

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