Caltex Invests in Aussie Network


Caltex Australia announced yesterday that it will invest AU $5 million to construct and expand lubricant storage facilities at multiple locations. Officials said the program reflects the companys ongoing commitment to remain a leading player in the Australian lube market.

The new investment plan includes construction of a distribution and storage center in Welshpool, an industrial suburb of Perth. The company said it is building the facility to provide a dedicated supply chain for Western Australia.

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The Welshpool facility will mainly be supplied with products from our Lytton manufacturing plant and supplemented by imports from Thailand and Singapore, Caltex Australia National Manager of Business-to-Business Sales Phil Amos said in a written statement.

Caltex did not disclose the price tag of the Welshpool facility, but did say the $5 million (U.S. $4.6 million) includes $1.5 million to upgrade an existing bulk storage facility in Melbourne. Other funds are earmarked for systems handling back-end tasks such as ordering and invoicing.

Officials noted that the new investment plan follows a $2 million upgrade of Caltexs lubricant and grease production plant in Brisbane – the largest lube factory in the country.