Japan Lube Consumption, Production Rise


Japan Lube Consumption, Production Rise

Japan’s consumption of finished lubricants jumped 28%, and its lubricants production increased 17%, while lube imports dropped 37% in January, according to data released Tuesday by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Lubricant consumption in Japan rose to 133,861 kiloliters (120,400 metric tons) in January, compared to 104,243 kL in the same month last year.

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The country’s lubricant production climbed 17% to 191,055 kL, up from 163,011 kL.

Japan exported 3% less lubricants volume in January, at 56,591 kL, compared to 58,029 kL.

The volume of lubricants imported into Japan dropped to 9,316 kL, from 14,676 kL.

The ministry in April 2022 began also releasing monthly data for greases in metric tons. In January this year, grease consumption in Japan totaled 3,277 metric tons and production amounted to 3,930 tons. The country imported 225 tons of grease in January and exported 51 kL during the month.

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